What You’ll Experience

Change Course is counter-intuitive. Your preconceptions about changing the world will get turned upside down. We’ll de-mystify making a difference, and add clarity to confusing career dilemmas. We’ll answer questions like: Should I work for a nonprofit? I do, why can’t I get anything done?  How do I reconcile my dreams for the world with my own economic dreams? The course moves between the cerebral and the emotional, the academic and the imaginative realms. It’s thoughtful and experiential.

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  • Bust misguided myths about money and meaning
  • Demystify how to make a big difference
  • Acquire tools for making dream projects reality
  • Overcome doubts and limitations
  • Create bigger career possibilities
  • Remove career confusion, replace it with clarity
  • Outmaneuver nonprofit pitfalls
  • Resuscitate power and passion

What People Are Saying

  • Everything you stand for resonates with my vision, heart, and passion for unlimited change.

    - Arlene Rees,
      Victoria, British Columbia

  • Seems to be getting right at the heart of a lot of the questions I am asking right now.

    - Bobby Fredrickson,
      Nashville, TN

  • This is the stuff that fires me up.

    - Amanda Hite,
      Brookville, OH

  • When I read the teaser campaign it was like reading my own questions, doubts, and fears.

    - Heloisa Souza,
      Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

  • I would love to be inspired and pushed on things that were not taught in my Master of Non-profit Management course. I want to be changed, moved, motivated.

    - Kari Mitchell,
      Rosemount, MN

  • ...a breath of fresh air.

    - Racquel Cox,
      Woollahra, Australia,

  • Seeking that refreshing new space where innovation and creativity are fostered. Change Course sounds like a place to unleash our passions...

    - Maria Alejandro,
       San Antonio, TX

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